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Learn all about North American fungi in Audubon Mushrooms. Our mobile app highlights each species with stunning photography and extensive descriptions. Identify mushrooms and fungi using the advanced search function, with fields including shape, cap shape, cap texture, color, gill stalk attachment, habitat, month, region, size, spore bearing surface, stalk cap attachment and stalk shape.


This comprehensive field guide includes a wealth of reference material on mushrooms including, classification, parts, order, families, how mushrooms reproduce and grow, poisoning and much more. Buy on iTunes.



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All guides feature professional color photographs, in-depth descriptions of each species, fast and easy navigation, state-of-the-art search functions, real time availability, lifelists, sightings and photo albums. More Audubon Mobile Field Guide Features...


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Watch the Audubon Butterfly app demo, which highlights features common to all of our field guide apps.



What People are Saying about Audubon Guides

"My favorite mushroom is the Fly Agaric because it reminds me of Alice in Wonderland and I loved all the photographs!"  Maggie Hughes, Intern at The National Audubon Society



January 2010 — Audubon Mushrooms is What's Hot on iPad in the iTunes store under Travel.

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